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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the product harmful to my children or pets?

Our first concern is always the safety of our kids and pets while keeping a careful eye on important environmental concerns and issues. With that in mind, we believe in operating within the law, the label, and of course common sense. We can provide the safest possible service using EPA regulated products. All it takes is a well trained and well qualified technician to help customers follow the same guidelines.

How often do I need to treat for ants?

With several different ant species in our area, the truth of the matter is that we really don't know the frequency for the treatment of ants. Each house has a different landscape and environmental factors to consider that impact the ants. Along with each house, each customer and their family pose different environmental factors. We have a number of customers on a frequent service cycle (monthly, every other month etc). While some customers receive service anywhere between 1-6 times per year. What we do know is that some ants are more active than others here in the Portland area. We also know more species of ants are on their way here. Once an “interior” problem is under control, it is best to try and maintain some type of exterior treatment to prevent the need for intrusive interior treatments. In short: how often to treat for ants is subject to each person, their tolerance level to bugs, and their home.

I had service sometime last week and I am now seeing more bugs and other bugs I have not seen before, is this normal?

YES! This is a very normal occurrence. The insets are under duress, and sometimes we uncover a problem you never knew existed. After the first few weeks of treatment, you should see relief. If not, give us a call us and we will schedule a followup appointment.

Do you warranty your work?

All of our work is guaranteed and comes with a written warranty at the time of service. Duration of the warranty depends on the specific service provided.

How soon can I get an appointment?

We do our very best to accommodate busy schedules. We often have same day, or next day appointments available. With some appointments, there is prep work for the customer to do before our arrival, and scheduling a few days out is normal, and appreciated by all. We also try to group appointments together in the same areas of the city. Keeping our fuel costs and travel time down allows us to pass the savings on to our customers.

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